[insight_our_services icon_9studio=”ns-tripod” title=”Filming Services” link=”#”]Nine Studio provides camera crews for location and studio filming, at extremely competitive rates. Our award-winning crews are available for commercial, corporate and television work, throughout the UK and abroad. We work with multiple shooting formats.[/insight_our_services]
[insight_our_services style=”right” color=”primary” icon_9studio=”ns-seats” title=”Workshops & Private Tuition” link=”#”]In addition to the production of films and video campaigns, Nine Studio also offers a variety of Workshops & Private Tuition with content we produce, which makes it incredibly easy for our clients to embed videos anywhere on their websites.[/insight_our_services]
[insight_our_services color=”black” icon_9studio=”ns-video-camera” title=”Equipment Hire” link=”#”]At Nine Studio we now offer 4K Commercial Drone filming in-house. Our specialist drone pilot is fully qualified with The Basic National UAS Certificate (BNUC-S) and we have the latest kit in our kit store to really make sure your production is the best quality.[/insight_our_services]
[insight_our_services style=”right” icon_9studio=”ns-cinema-screen” title=”Studio Hire” link=”#”]When filming a project in one of our 3 in-house studios, we also offer a set design and construction service. From simple presenter-led lectern set-ups and branded talking head backdrops, through to elaborate stages, platforms and installations. [/insight_our_services]
We work with established agencies, labels and organizations, as well as young talents and startups.
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