We are a creative film Advertising Agency
The partnership firm, M/s A & A Associates,was established in Ludhiana in October 1984 by two partners, Ashok Pupneja and Mr.Ashok R.Singhania . The firm started the business by audio publicity in the famous Shan-e-Punjab train plying between Delhi-Amritsar daily. Musical programmes for entertainment of the passengers were intervened by publicity of the clients. At the Ludhiana railway station the advertisements of the clients were displayed on hoardings.
Video Advertising at it's Best

We are a Creative Film & Photo Production Company

Our Services

We can film your project whether it is a commercial advertise, a short film or a document film. We have expertise in these fields.
Some workshops have invited us to come lecturing. We also offer private tuitions for absolute beginners or mid-level producers who need more advice.
Equipment hire
Sometimes we don’t use our equipment so you can hire them for your filming. Check our schedule and contact if it suits your time.